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Questionnaire regarding Arts in Action

From Judy Kelly, Chairman
At the AGM on 13th July we discussed the recently held Hillingdon Arts in Action Festival. Whilst everyone agreed it was a great success I felt we should review several aspects of the event, not least, whether or not we should hold another festival next year. If so, what changes, if any, should we make. I would be grateful, therefore, if you would complete this questionnaire:-
Do you think we should hold a festival next year?
Arts in Action ran over 2weeks/3weekends
Do you think this is right length of time?
Please let us know your preference
Should it run for just one week/2 weekends?
Should it run for two weeks/3 weekends?
Should it run for three weeks/4 weekends?
Should it run for four weeks/5 weekends?
Should it run for the summer?
Was it held at the right time of year? i.e.End of June - beginning of July
If not, let us know when you think it should be held

Please enter your name

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